Do you listen when people talk?

Working still but want to start your Social Security benefits?
February 26, 2021
Working still but want to start your Social Security benefits?
February 26, 2021

Wait, what was that? But in all seriousness, I totally understand when my clients feel this way. I meet tons of clients that do not feel that they are being heard. They don’t feel like they matter. Simply put, they tell me that they give up. And that is heart breaking.

For me, my career is not based on selling insurance. Yes, I am an insurance agent. Yes, technically that is what I help my clients decide on during appointments BUT my goal is based on so much more. I find it rewarding to be able to listen to my clients, solve their problems, and save them money and time.

Today I met with a woman (we will call her Sue) who, most directly put, said she gave up on looking for help. I was called as her last ditch effort to see if I can do anything for her. When they say “do anything” to help, they really mean anything as simple as making them smile for a moment.

A fun part of what I do is that it is always different. No two people are the same and no two conversations that I have with clients are the same. I never really know what I am going to walk into whether fun, upsetting, or weird. Well in this case, it was just upsetting because poor Sue was never being heard. She was giving up on getting help.

Sue and I talked about her many hospital visits in the past year, how her medication keeps changing, her blood sugar isn’t getting regulated, and the doctor is not listening to her. I always take client conversations with a grain of salt, as you cannot be sure of the whole story in any case however, this time I could tell that poor Sue was just not being listened to about her own body. Health concerns aside, as I am not a physician and cannot suggest any medical related advise, I can help with her bills and insurance which was another concern Sue had.

We delved into specifics, and here is where I start to get really excited in a meeting. I start to ask questions, make phone calls, write down ways we can save her money, etc. We found out today that she can get her Part B Medicare premium paid for through the state ($148.50), she can get help with her future ambulance bills by 50% be singing up for their donation program, and she can save 95% on her future hospital bills based on her income. Previously, she was responsible for 100% of her hospital bills… most likely because someone didn’t help her dig for the information.

So today Sue was heard. She told me that “she loves me, I helped her more in 2 hours than anyone has, and we should go to a Pens game together and sip drinks when life is back to normal (haha).

can’t explain the feeling that I get when I leave an appointment like this with a new client. It’s a rush of happiness, sadness, being relieved, and wonder all in one. I am so happy that I was able to help her, but sad that she has gone this long without assistance. I am relieved that we are able to now work together on her future needs, but I wonder how do others not want to do this for her too.

I love what I do.


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